Baseball Hall of Fame & Fame Hall Garden Hotel

Taoyuan, Taiwan

With a diameter of 32 meters suspended above a mirror pool, Baseball Hall of Fame is one of Asia's largest spherical architectures. It is interconnected to Fame Hall Garden Hotel, built to support the operations of Baseball Hall of Fame. Located in Longtan, Taoyuan, the complex surrounds a baseball park known as “the birthplace of Taiwan’s professional baseball,” a place full of nostalgic atmosphere of first-generation Brother Elephants, and is also a pilgrimage destination for die-hard Brother Elephants fans to visit.

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  • Fame Hall Garden Hotel

    Fame Hall Garden Hotel

    Stay in our coolest themed room and enjoy superb food

    The hotel features many baseball-themed designs, corresponding strongly to the nearby Baseball Hall of Fame, including Baseball Classics Room, Brother Elephants Nostalgia Room, and Snoopy Room. The hotel also offers five superb restaurants with delicious food, and a Floral Garden for visitors to enjoy. It's a place where adults and kids won't want to leave; it's the place to go for a date, a get-together with friends, and family fun times!

  • Baseball Hall of Fame

    Baseball Hall of Fame

    Have fun with a dazzling array of interactive baseball games and original exhibitions

    Unlike traditional museums, Baseball Hall of Fame is more about the evolution of baseball culture, the science of baseball, and hands-on baseball experience. For those who are new to baseball, you can have fun with a dazzling array of interactive baseball games. Two floors are dedicated to the theme of Snoopy and baseball. The cute characters not only make adults and children flock over, but also add greater humanity and warmth helping people understand baseball through Snoopy characters. The theater-style auditorium on the bottom level may be rented out for ceremonies, speeches and performances.




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